What Is a RACI Chart? Definition, Template, and Examples

The tool morphs from useful to invaluable when you marry it with other established project management methodologies. Consulted parties may be individuals on the project team who aren’t working on a given task but whose work will be affected by the outcome. They’re also often teammates outside of the project team—even in different departments—whose work will be affected by the outcomes of the project. You can choose to break down RACI roles by task, as above, or by milestone or other methodology that makes sense for your business. ➡️ While it’s not part of the RACI process per se, it’s also key to set due dates so each person in the chart is fully aware of when they’ll be expected to take part in the project. Enter the RACI chart, one of the most popular project management frameworks.

raci meaning

Since RACI Chart is a linear matrix, it can be hard to adapt it for all organizational structures. Furthermore, some organizations might prefer fewer people to make decisions and micromanagement might even be a necessity due to the lack of an experienced workforce. When roles aren’t properly defined, there can be ambiguities and question marks regarding the commitment of the people involved. A properly designed RACI matrix can also be useful for SCRUM and Agile projects. For this purpose, you can also add an ‘F’ (Facilitate) to the matrix.

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Just like the responsible, and even more importantly in this case, we should have one accountable person. So, there is just one person to blame or praise for the work, and since she knows she will bear all the consequences, she will strive to get things done. While counterintuitive, it can be helpful to involve more people in making a decision—but only when roles are clearly articulated. July 25, 2022Making and executing decisions is the lifeblood of organizations. The faster a company can enact high-quality choices, the more value it delivers.

  • This is especially important when project teams are more complex due to their large size, involvement of distributed team members, or reliance on staff from multiple departments.
  • The Consulted role is someone who, you guessed it, gets consulted while performing the activity.
  • In Agile organizations, cross-functional teams and collaboration is the default.
  • List these tasks on the left-hand side of the chart in the order they need to be completed.
  • Consider who will be responsible for the completion of individual tasks, who will be held to account, who you need to consult, and who needs to be informed along the way.

Considering that 27% of projects go over budget, for reasons like scope creep and lack of defined roles, RACI roles help position a project for success and avoid common pitfalls. Go down the list of tasks on your RACI matrix, and assign a role to every person who will be involved in that project step or deliverable. A RACI chart is one tool that helps project managers keep a project on track.

RACI Matrix and change management

Plus, with Wrike’s 360-degree visibility, your project will be completely transparent, meaning external stakeholders can stay up to date. Creating a RACI chart or one of the several alternatives is one thing, but putting all the moving pieces together and setting up natural language processing a reliable system for ongoing project success is another. Make a point to set up a cadence for checking in with the RACI chart. It could be that you ask each team member to review the chart at least once a week if it’s a major project that will take several months.

Of course, it is the duty of the responsible and accountable to ensure they are consulted. If you haven’t adopted this approach and now it is too late and people are already complaining, I may suggest this Forbes article on how to deal with complaints, by Nicole Leinbach-Reyhle. Next in the Responsible Accountable Consulted Informed framework, we have the consulted role.

How to Leverage Team Data for Big Projects

RACI templates save time and provide a starting point for building your chart. Choose a simple, customizable template to ensure that it is as useful as possible for all team and project types. First introduced in the 1950s, RACI was originally called the “Decision Rights Matrix” and is also known as “Responsibility Charting.” There are also other RACI variations, like RASCI, ARCI, and DACI.

raci meaning

It is the only project management tool that deals with people and role. Think carefully about the level of details, defining tasks and roles, and bring the model to a level that is both succinct and sensible. Naturally, it’s not important to include who is responsible for getting coffee. Generally speaking, the project manager will keep the original matrix, but every project should have its own RACI matrix. That’s because each project is different and has a different complexity level. The milestones are also different and the team members may have changed, or the team may have been completely replaced.

How to Create a RACI Matrix

In this case, the executive sponsor is accountable, and the developer must be kept informed of the result. The ‘O’ stands for Out of the Loop; the one who’s standing at the sidelines and isn’t part of the process. This includes facilitating and supporting employees and/or departments. Learn what tools and practices to adopt for effective construction management. Finally, Wrike makes it effortless to set up a RACI chart, even if you have no experience with them.

Include the people who will execute and review work for the project, as well as any subject matter experts or stakeholders you may need to consult or keep in the loop along the way. RAPID stands for Recommend, Agree, Perform, Input, Decide and is another decision-making framework used to define authority vs accountability. The Recommend role kicks things off by suggesting an action, while the Decide role has the ultimate say in how things move forward.

What is a RACI chart?

Due to their status as a project stakeholder or the fact they will be impacted by the project, they will need to be informed about progress, at all stages, up-to and including project completion. There can be multiple people responsible for a task and if help is needed, they may ask a supportive member(s) to assist. We love this template from Smartsheet because it’s colorful, thorough, and includes room for every party involved in the project. Accountable parties ensure accountability to project deadlines, and ultimately, accountability to project completion.

raci meaning

It’s important to keep track of exactly who will be working on a certain task or project. Examples are the sponsor, project manager, team members, analysts and more. Nonetheless, the purpose of having people consulted is to make the responsible party actively seek their feedback. Then, consulted and responsible (and also accountable) will have to mediate something that satisfies everyone.

RACI Matrix explained

Generally, nobody should have more than a single responsibility level for each deliverable or activity group in the RACI chart. In this example, we’ve given every person some level of involvement to keep things simple. But when you make a real model for more than four people, there’s often more white space. Once your project is underway, project management can give way to task management. The process of managing individual tasks can be incredibly challenging if you don’t have a system in place to support you.

This helps in clarifying the engaged and unengaged resources in a task/project. Consulted – Those who are Consulted are there to help the Responsible person finish tasks with success. These people can be consultants in their respective field that bring valuable subject matter expertise to the project. Responsible persons will use Consulted for advice, opinions, help, or experience relevant to the project. Keep in mind that a RACI chart is not just a static document but a dynamic tool that can evolve with your project.

Each task should have only one role/person accountable, although it doesn’t have to be the same person accountable for every task. Also, decide who should be consulted or informed throughout the process and after completing tasks or deliverables. The RACI Matrix has a fixed layout with a horizontal axis of roles and a vertical axis with tasks, activities, deliverables and responsibilities.