Yannie Yong

Women's Apparel

Rose of Sharon

July 2018


Yannie Yong is the co- founder and owner of Rose of Sharon, a chain of ladies fashion boutiques in Singapore. Founded in 1997, Rose of Sharon offers high quality timeless staples to clothe women in all seasons of their lives.
The stores are located at Novena Square, international plaza and Parkway Parade .
Online www.roseofsharon.com.sg

Yannie is a strong advocate for female empowerment through fashion and personal styling and her goal is to dress and bring out the inner beauty and strength of her customers.. She strongly believes that a better wardrobe inspires better performance;  and personal appearance and grooming are heavily tied to a woman’s confidence, relationships, career growth and income.   Therefore, she has make it her mission to use her fashion and styling expertise to inspire confidence in women from their 20s to 70s.  Yannie offers free styling advice to her clients and runs styling and fashion workshops to showcase her well-made fashion and accessories. In her free time, Yannie enjoys her church fellowship and spending time with her 4 beautiful daughters.

Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon is a local chain of ladies fashion boutiques offering a full range of fashion that caters to women of different personality types, based on their lifestyles, persona and preferences.
Sharing its name with the flowers growing in the Plain of Sharon, a proverbially fertile place known for beautiful trees and flowers, Rose of Sharon embodies the love, beauty & majesty of confident women.

Since 1997, Rose of Sharon has been offering the modern multitasking women a curated collection of workwear and occasion wear that celebrate their femininity and beauty by empowering them
to express their inner selves and unleash their confident allure. Rose of Sharon’s collection embraces the multi roles customers play in all seasons of their lives, and offer them chic yet simple work and day wear to navigate daily’s tasks with ease and confidence, offering them a perfect balance between sophistication and comfort.  High quality, aesthetically designed and sensible (no revealing cuts, low necklines or high hemlines), Rose of Sharon’s collection caters to today’s modern women.

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