Raveen Singh

Business Coach

Next Wave Advisory

October 2022


As a Business Coach, I help business owners and corporate leaders multiply their revenue & profits, increase their company value and build an engaged team.

This would allow businesses to eventually go “Auto-Pilot” and be profitably without business owner.

I work best with entrepreneurs who are committed to:

– Growing and scaling their businesses.

– Increasing the value of their business for an eventual exit/acquisition.

– Preparing the business to run on its own or by their successor.

I will help accelerate your progress using proven tools, methodologies and proven systems. I will hold you accountable for your results and just like a sports coach, pushing you to perform at optimal levels.

Business can be and should be FUN! I have seen many business owners losing sight of their big dreams as they start to get bogged down by their growing challenges. Many have turned their businesses into jobs, where they work endless hours, struggle to cope with stress and make money which they can’t enjoy.

As your Coach, together we will rebuild your dream, implement strategies to overcome those challenges, and transform your business into what it should be. I believe that your business should support your own personal dreams and aspirations, and you should never sacrifice your personal goals for your business.

If you are ready to bring your business to the next level and rise above your competition, contact me today for a complimentary business strategy session.

Find out how you can start taking action to achieve the results you deserve!

If you want to assess how valuable and marketable your business is at this moment, take my Value Builder Questionnaire and get your score at the link below.

Next Wave Advisory

Next Wave Advisory provides business owners and leaders with a proven systems and steps to follow to accelerate their business and personal growth. Raveen has an excellent track record of being able to help his clients multiply their revenue and profit by 100-400% within a year, create working systems, and build high performing team cultures which help to attract and retain the best talents.

Raveen has a wide range of clients from Startup founders, SME owners, to MNCs, banks and sales agencies.With a combination of specially curated business coaching programmes and in-house coaching programmes, Raveen and his team are committed to transforming companies and teams to ensure they are able to fulfil their fullest potential and build a life that they deserve.

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