Nick Sentosa


Mussen Pte Ltd

February 2018


Yes, honesty is the best policy – my idea of Go-Green came by accident. My family business is manufacturing the fabric called non-woven, which is the bio-degradable fabric where part of its usage is to be made into bag. In general, people know it as recycle bag.

One day, I was told to sell recycle bag and I agreed to try. Long story short, I believe the law of attraction kicked in and I found out that this non-woven fabric can also be made into laundry bag, suit cover, pillow case, and bolster case. In some part of the world, those more enviromentally friendly countries use this non-woven for table cloth and table runner too.

All these unique products got my attention, and I built Mussen to be a Go-Green Company, and chose the website name mussen-ecobag. This bore a dream where I will build another Go-Green Company, and I already have the website name in mind. The best is yet to come.

Meanwhile, let me continue doing my part supporting Go-Green and Save the Earth. Let’s do it !

Mussen Pte Ltd

Started in 2013, operated as a part-time based Company, Mussen Pte Ltd has progressed to full-operation in 2017 due to substantial increase on market demand.

Since then, Mussen has grown its customers from retailers, such as clothing, wine, optical, bakeries and cookies, manufacturers, banking/financial industries, insurance, brokerage, communities of churches and old folk homes, tailors and bridal shops, florist nursery, to mall and condo launching programs, to restaurants, and hotels.

With that, you may call Mussen – your one-stop shop for all non-woven needs, customizing the bags in different sizes, print jobs, with materials that consist of different thickness and colors.

By the end of 2021, Mussen has expanded by adding one more Go-Green product – a bio-degradable tapioca starch bags, which mainly known as shopping bags/t-shirt bag, grip hole, and dry-clean shirt cover, as well as apron and garbage bag. The aim of this product is to replace plastic usage, at least part of if not fully.

Go-Green is not cheap, and it takes time. Someone just gotta do it and let’s do it and let’s make it contagious !

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