Lucien Ruan

HR tech - Employee Benefits


June 2019


Lucien always had an interest in tech and has spent most of his career in tech-based Companies.
Since moving on from establishing a MAS Regulated Fintech firm in Singapore, he is now in the venture of HR Tech, to make Employee Benefits more accessible and meaningful to companies of all sizes.

Lucien is an advocate for serving the people, happy employees make dreams come true, he is on the mission to help businesses achieve it.


Smartian is an Employee Benefits Platform that provides employees access to subsidized Life & Wellness products & services.
We empower companies to provide benefits beyond healthcare, allowing employees access to benefits that are relevant to their needs, including their dependants.
Smartian is built for all companies and employees, even if you are just starting up alone or you are bigger than Google, we got you covered. Temporary workforce? Welcome to the benefits you deserve.

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