Koh Wei Ming

Moving Company

Reddot Movers

January 2024


Reddot Movers

Reddot Movers is build around providing a great customer experience and a good working culture. This is proven so far by our high customer retention and low worker turnover rate.  We are also exploring tech to enhance the whole ‘user experience’ and to engage a new generation of tech-savvy consumers.

Don noted that while some have attempted to disrupt the moving industry via tech, it could only achieve so little.

“End day, it’s all about providing a professional service.” Don remarked. “The convenience of technology may allow you to book on-demand services and streamline administrative processes. However for many, moving is quite a important event that requires long periods of planning. End day it’s the people who give good advice and carry your precious belongings that makes the difference… we are the difference.”