Chow U-Jin

Mortgage Loans


March 2022


Known as the “Doctor’s Banker” with a very unique skill set of being able to accurately diagnose the pains and prescribe the right financial solutions for his high net-worth clients. Over the past 20 years, he has earned his stripes as a medical doctor, entrepreneur, and banker. He runs a team of mortgage brokers handling residential, commercial and industrial loans for individual and corporate buyers. He specialises in complex loan requirements dealing with ABSD, TDSR, Trust-purchase, equity term loans, decoupling loans and working capital loans.


FinMortgage specialises in helping clients with their residential, commercial and industrial property loans. Having serviced over $500 million in loans for doctors and professionals, we understand our clients’ needs best. As an independent loan consultant agency, we represent our clients and not the bank. We work with 16 banks offering 100+ loan packages. We are confident that we almost always get the best deals and lowest interest rates. This service is free for clients, banks pay us on a success basis.