Albert Kong

Business Consulting (Franchising)

Asiawide Franchise

March 2022


Asiawide Franchise


  1. 1. Build franchise packages from scratch 
  2. 2. Audit existing franchise businesses to make them stronger 
  3. 3. Broker for franchisors and franchisees (middleman role – including M&A)
  4. 4. Market franchising opportunities via bilingual Asia Franchise & Business  

    Opportunities magazine, Mailchimp, social media, exhibition booth, network of 80 

    partners in over 70 economies, conventions, seminars and match-making sessions

  1. 5. Carry out pre-entry or feasibility studies, market surveys, etc.
  2. 6. Act for franchisors in enforcing franchise agreements, etc.
  3. 7. Organize overseas study missions

Recognitions / Awards

  • Board member at several associations and not-for-profit organizations
  • Awarded by several national franchise associations and government bodies
  • Spoken in 46 nations over 300 occasions on franchising since 1990
  • Represent Singapore at the World Franchise Council and Asia Pacific Franchise Confederation for 30 years
  • Served over 1300 companies throughout Asia since 1989