Adeline Tan

Maid Agency

JMS Management & Resources

April 2012


I’m Adeline and have joined the maid employment industry in recent years.
My past businesses include children’s apparel retail and wholesale, corporate gifts, health & wellness. Personally, I was very enriched by the different challenges and the people whom I have met and learned from. The varied experiences have honed and sharpened my intuition in the pursuit of my personal and business goals.

My current burning desire is to create positive changes for the elderly frail, impacting their Movement, Mind, and Menu – Prepare and plan for their aging years.
Hence being in the maid employment industry is a great starting platform! I enjoy all kinds of sports, doing brisk walks and playing table tennis.
I love to be around people, learn from them, listen to them, and just enjoy their company.

JMS Management & Resources

Established in 1995 Pioneer member of AEAS (Association of Employment Agencies Singapore)

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