Launch of IZAQ Website by Web Imp

For professionals and freelancers alike, networking is crucial to the survivability of our trade – and opens us up to new opportunities daily. In a competitive market like Singapore, we take what we can get.

Which is why BNI serves as a networking organisation that will meet your business needs. And as that networking organisation, BNI gathers professionals and businessmen (and women) from all over the island, where people meet weekly to present business ideas or introduce their companies, as well as network for the purpose of gaining clientele – or sharing them.

The effectiveness and power of BNI lies in the uniqueness of each and every chapter. Within each chapter, a member represents a unique industry – meaning that if they already represent a niche area, it cannot be represented by anyone else so as to eliminate a conflict of interest within chapters.

And what better way to introduce one of its top-achieving chapters, IZAQ?

IZAQ as BNI’s strongest chapters

IZAQ is one of BNI’s top chapters, having won Chapter of the Year three times total as well as the title of Chapter of the Region six times. Through this chapter we’ve helped our members and clients secure lucrative business deals totaling to over $65 million – and we’re excited for more!

There is a strong culture that runs in the veins of IZAQ, and chapter members enjoy a fun and dynamic culture as well as true friendship with each other. And as a step up to this culture and what the chapter can do for its members, IZAQ is now launching a newly-created website to digitise itself in a way no other chapters have done before.

IZAQ in the digital space

Digitalisation means accessibility after all. IZAQ’s new site will provide all the information one needs on its members and their companies, and will allow interested clients to leave enquiries and reach out for any services they’re keen on.

This website is newly crafted and launched by none other than Web Imp, an IT company that provides digital solutions for businesses in Singapore – and also a member of IZAQ. Web Imp represents web design as part of the chapter, and leads in forging innovative digital solutions for businesses in Singapore. Web Imp has also won numerous awards, in which one of the latest award got published in straits times – Best Tech Company to work for 2019

IZAQ members will also be regularly contributing content in the form of blog articles related to business management, business health, investing, and many more subjects that will educate and edify other professionals and business owners.

But the new website is not just IZAQ’s ongoing endeavour. They are also active on Facebook, where it provides first hand updates and opportunities – perhaps for you to seize and utilise for the betterment of your business. Follow us to stay in touch!

A newsletter will also be launched at the end of this year, promising to provide updates and more exciting content that will spruce up your life as a professional. Feel free to email to express your interest in this newsletter, and they’ll put you right on the mailing list.

We hope to see you on the flipside! Exciting things await IZAQ and the rest of us – this year and beyond.