About Us

We are a high-energy and dynamic group of business owners. We work hard but also play hard. We believe in the Givers Gain philosophy and give our best to help one another grow our businesses.

About IZAQ

BNI IZAQ Chapter was founded in 2004 by three founding members. It has come a long way since its early days, when it met in Clarke Quay. As the high energy and infectious laughters fill the cavernous but cosy cafe, new friends are made, old ties get renewed and business leads are passed.

BNI IZAQ comprises 40 members, all of whom represent different, non-conflicting trades. We help one another grow professionally and socially. We pass genuine business referrals to fellow members, each one carrying a IZAQ stamp of credibility. BNI IZAQ is every member’s extended sales force that keeps a lookout every week for leads for fellow members. Word-of-mouth is a powerful tool in which to pass referrals to help us grow our businesses.

In BNI IZAQ, we do not only work hard but play hard too. We have regular activities and competitions during our regular meetings that bring out the best in members. In addition, we meet outside our meetings and bond over meals, games and other activities. In IZAQ, we all grow together.

Come join us in our meetings and see how you can grow your business.

About BNI

Business Network International (BNI) was founded by Dr Ivan Misner in 1985. Based on the premise that word-of-mouth marketing is the best form of marketing, BNI brings together business owners from different trades onto a common platform where support one another with referral business. Unlike business from paid advertising, referral business brings with it credibility and accountability. BNI believes in the Givers Gain philosophy. When business owners give freely to help others, they receive many-fold in return. This is predicated on the idea of “What goes around comes around”.